Join Antigone Rising this Sunday (March 2, 1PM) on the set of their photo shoot with photographer Leslie Van Stelten in New York City! You and your guest will pose for a shot with the band, and we will autograph it for you as well. The band will consider the best 3 offers, and all proceeds will go to our Pledge Music Campaign. 

Email us your story to

Some examples:

Scenario 1:
My girlfriend loves the band and it's her birthday. I am going to surprise her by showing up to your photo shoot and will donate $xxx to the Pledge Campaign!

Senario 2:
My 4 year old daughter knows every word to 'That Was The Whiskey' (uh-oh...). We'd love to bring her to steal your thunder at your own photo shoot. I will donate $xxx to the Pledge campaign.

Scenario 3:
I'm totally broke but will bring coffee to you during the photo shoot! I'm an amazing photo assistant and know where the best bagels are in proximity to Union Square! Oh, and I love your music so please let me get a photo with you! I can scrounge up $xxx for the Pledge Campaign!

Give us a try...You never know!