Our Story

New York based all female rock band Antigone Rising played upwards of 280 shows a year in their early days. Whether it was an open mic on a Monday or a jam packed New York City hometown show, the ladies and their infamous Vanna White (the band's beloved 15 passenger van) eventually blazed a trail straight to arenas alongside The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

Founding sisters Cathy and Kristen Henderson and front woman, Nini Camps have always had the same philosophy. Play better than the boys and make sure the fans feel like part of the family. That philosophy plus writing undeniably catchy songs has allowed this self sustained group to maintain her independence and leave an indelible mark on an industry best known for leaving girl (bands) behind. 

In 2012 the women were invited by the United States Government to travel and perform throughout the Middle East as cultural ambassadors. Headlining arenas in Bethlehem and Tel Aviv at night, performing outreach workshops in remote villages along the West Bank by day, the band soaked in the culture and brought home an understanding of a part of the world most only see via the nightly news.Shortly after touring the Middle East, the band again served a cultural ambassadors to Vietnam to celebrate and perform  during the 40th Anniversary of US/Vietnamese Normalization Celebrations. Seeing first hand how music can bridge cultures, unify and bring people together, Antigone Rising returned home inspired to create their own nonprofit, Girls Rising.

Girls Rising's main objective is to inspire and empower girls and LGBTQ youth to be all they can be. Through outreach workshops the band performs at schools and community centers around the world. The band's annual BeachFest is a celebration of the work they have been doing throughout the year, and this past year's 1st Annual Game Changer Award was presented to Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips. To learn more about the bands nonprofit, visit Girls Rising.org