The Final Countdown!

This is it! We have only 4 DAYS left until the end of our Kickstarter campaign. If you haven't pledged to our campaign yet, we strongly suggest you get going. Anyone who pledges will gain access to a secure page on our website to being listening to 4 of our new tracks. PLUS, we will adding 2 more in the coming days. So a total of 6 songs will be available for you to stream AND download well ahead of our yet to be named album's release in June, 2021. 

Plus, with the money we have raised so far, we will be able to make two music videos. Our hope is to raise enough money to make a third one as well....Please help us get there! 

Some new reward tiers have been added for the final days. 

-MOVIE NIGHT WITH THE BAND! Dena Tauriello will join us for this one as we watch a band favorite - Goldie Hawn's version of Overboard! Dena literally knows every line and laughs like it's the first time she is watching it. And we laugh at her laughing. Every. Single. Time. So let's plan a party. We planned to do this online because of, ya know, the pandemic, but things are loosening up and maybe if all the variables line up we could watch it on your sofa. You never do know....



-WE WRITE A SONG JUST FOR YOU! What? Yes. That's what we said. Maybe you want a birthday song. Or an anniversary song for someone special? Or you just want us to write a song about your blue eyes even though they're brown. We will write it, record a nice little acoustic version of it, and send it to your inbox lickety splittish. Promise. SO GO GET IT! 

-ZOOM BINGO WITH THE BAND! We have reduced the price of Zoom Bingo and 20 minute acoustic concert with the band significantly. So much so that it hurts our feelings. Why doesn't anyone want to have a Bingo party with us? Round up a few friends and GO GET ZOOM BINGO WITH THE BAND. There is only one opportunity for it, and I just feel it in my bones that it's about to get snapped up. Make sure YOU'RE THE ONE doing the snapping! SNAP IT UP RIGHT HERE! 

If you haven't visited our Kickstarter page yet, then ALL THE REWARD TIERS are NEW TO YOU! So get on over there and see what we are offering. Everyone person who pledges gets an email from us within 24 hours, usually far sooner, with a passcode to access music. And if you pledge on a package that includes a Tshirt you will also receive a link to go choose the t shirt of your choice along with the passcode. 

We are headed to $15K with our fingers crossed! Help us get there. 

Much love and gratitude, 

Kristen, Cathy and Nini